Dark Spots on Legs Causes: and How to Remove Fast

Generally, everyone wishes to have good looking legs. Some even go ahead to expose the beauty and smoothness in them by wearing shorts and short dresses as well. However, it may puzzle you on realizing that your legs got some dark spots.

It gets more worrying when the dark scars on your legs persist over time. Dark dots or scars can be visible on hands, arms, legs especially on light-skinned people. In the article get information on causes and how to get rid of dark spots on your legs fast.

What Causes Dark Spots on Legs?

Here are the possible causes:

  1. Injuries to the skin

The skin of your legs and arms can develop dark spots as an effect of physical injuries. The common skin injuries include bruises, cuts, thermal burn, and chemical burn. The damaged skin can develop dark spot or scar after healing.

  1. scarmberg’s disease

This is a condition that leads to discoloration of the skin in human beings. It usually comes as a result of leaky blood vessels. This includes leaky blood capillaries.In most cases, it affects the lower parts of the body including lower parts of a leg. The condition may as well extend to other parts of the body including arms or hands.

Leaky blood vessels are known to be weak. Therefore, red blood cells do escape the vessels and may end up on the surface of the skin. The red blood cells consist of iron. While on the surface of the skin, the cell breaks apart and as a result hemoglobin is produced. Consequently, iron is released from hemoglobin. An iron component hemosiderin is what brings about dark scars, dots or patches on the skin.

  1. Mosquito bites

Skin is a very sensitive part and this can be noticed when a mosquito bites you. A mosquito bite will cause you an irritated skin. You may retort to scratching and within a short while, dark dots may appear on your skin. Dark spots due to mosquito bites may not tend to be persistent. They disappear as soon as a short while ends. A mosquito can bite you on your arms and legs.

  1. Solar lentigo, liver spots, age spots

A lot of exposure to direct sunlight may cause you dark spots not only on your legs but also the arms. It comes as a consequence of the accumulation of skin pigment especially on the upper part of the skin. Solar lentigo is a condition that is mostly experienced by aging people especially those who are of more than 55 years.

However, as a young person, you can as well get solar lentigines especially if you spend considerable time under sun exposure. In most cases, it can appear on arms, face, hands, and legs. Age spots can get people of different skin pigmentations but it is common in people with light skins.

  1. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

This is a condition that is usually acquired due to excess accumulation of melanin at parts of your skin. Generally, the hyperpigmentation may occur from an injury or inflammation on the skin.

When you get an injury on legs or hands, the melanocyte cell activity tends to increase because of the damage caused to the upper part of the skin. Typically, this is what brings about dark or black spots.

  1. Some types of skin cancer

Whenever dark spots start forming on your legs and arms, it is advisable that you understand its cause. Some dark or black spots may be as a result of skin cancer. Melanoma is one possible cause of dark scars on legs and arms. It is a condition that comes as a result of DNA damage that remains unrepaired in the skin cell.

Scars due to melanoma may appear in dark brown or black spot in color. This is a serious case that needs the attention of a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Shaving

You may have seen black spots appear on hands or arms after shaving. It is a common condition, especially in males. The spots are mainly caused by the careless removal of hair. It can also come as a consequence of using some creams before shaving.

You might feel itchiness on the shaved areas accompanied by inflammation of hair pores. However, the dark spots can be eliminated by use of scrubs and some creams.

  1. Certain medications

Due to some ailments or conditions, your doctor may prescribe certain medications. For example, the pregnancy control pills or induced hormones may lead to the sudden formation of dark spots on your skin. This comes about due to change in the hormonal structure. However, such medications may not react in the same way to everyone.

Nevertheless, the spots can be eliminated using natural home remedies and treatment methods if they persist. Keep reading to learn how to remove dark spots on legs caused by side effect of certain medication.

  1. Skin diseases

The infection of the skin by bacteria, virus or fungi can lead to the development of dark spots on your legs and arms. Skin diseases affect the melanocyte cells to produce excess pigment in the area that is affected.

In addition, most skin infection is associated with a skin rash that might leave you with a dark scar on your skin. Before we go to how to remove dark spots on legs and arms caused by skin disease, let look about skin infection that may cause dark spots.

  • Skin rash is a skin condition characterized by redness and inflammation of the skin tissue. This condition can show up as a tiny pimple on the skin that can turn into dark scarring.
  • Eczema is red itchy rashes that develop fluid-filled blisters that burst, weep out, crust over and heal to leave dark spots on the skin.
  • Rosacea is an autoimmune skin condition that shows up as dry patches associated with dark spots to the affected area.
  • A boil is a bacterial infection of the oil gland or hair follicle that may form dark scar after healing.
  • Chickenpox is a rare viral infection that can result in skin blistering on your entire body and may develop dark spots after healing.
  • Hives are painful large bumps that appear on the skin due to an allergic These bumps usually develop into dark scar after healing.
  1. Liver disease

The damage to the liver tissue by infection can lead to accumulation of toxic substances in your body. This can lead to dark spots on your legs, arms and other parts of your body. The major role of the liver in your body is to detoxify harmful substances in your body.

  1. Skin acne

Skin acne is the raised dark spots that usually appear on the face, back of arms and on knees of the legs. The skin acne is caused by clogged pores or due to a sudden change of hormones in the body.

  1. Birthmarks on the legs and arms

These are painless and benign dark spots that you are born with it on the skin. They are caused by hyperpigmentation that occurs on the surface of the skin. Birthmarks are totally harmless but you can get rid of it by learning how to remove dark spots on legs and other parts of the body.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Legs from Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites may leave you with dark spots especially if your skin is highly sensitive. Most mosquito bites may have their effect short-lived. However, some bites may persist and thus you may need to remove them as soon as possible. Here are ways of removing dark spots on legs from mosquito bites.

  1. Application of vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is one of the excellent essential oils in facilitating healing of the skin. It reduces itchiness due to a mosquito bite. Its application helps a lot in the removal of dark spots on legs.

  • Wash the affected part of your leg with warm water
  • Dry the skin
  • Apply vitamin e oil
  • Repeat the procedure twice in every day
  1. Smearing of oil from rosehip seed

Rosehip seed oil contains natural healing properties of a discolored skin. You can simply smear undiluted oil from rosehip seed oil on the bite marks of your skin twice in a day.

  1. Rubbing the bite marks with tomato flesh

Tomato juice has effective skin lightening elements. Its application facilitates removal of dark scars due to mosquito bites. How to use

  • Cut a tomato into two halves
  • Rub the tomato on the bite marks
  • Let the tomato juice get absorbed for about ten minutes
  • Rinse the tomato juice with mild water
  1. Rubbing of lemon flesh on the bite-marks

Just like tomato, lemon juice contains natural skin lightening components. You may simply rub fresh lemon flesh on the bite marks and let the juice stay for some time. Afterward, you can rinse with warm water.

  1. Visit a dermatologist for very dark and persistent bites

Some mosquito bites get darker and prove to be irremovable through use of home remedies. You can visit the dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. The specialist can prescribe a retinoid cream or topical hydroquinone. A chemical peel can be prescribed too. They help in removal of dark spots and restoring the skin tone.

How to Remove Scars on Legs Fast Naturally

Skin injuries and scars are a common cause of dark spots on skin specifically on legs and arms. You can use various natural treatment methods to remove the scar on legs fast and naturally. Here are some of the methods that you can learn on how to remove dark spots on legs from scars. They include:

1. Application of vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is an excellent skin healer. It facilitates removal of dark spots on the skin and restoration of the original skin pigmentation fast naturally. You can simply smear the oil on the scars twice in a day. You can as well repeat the procedure until the spots disappear.

2. Cocoa butter

Plain cocoa butter helps in fast restoring of your skin’s original pigmentation. Applying cocoa butter will facilitate removal of dark spots. This may take up to a month or two.

How to use

  • Wash your legs and dry them
  • Apply pure cocoa butter on them
  • Repeat the procedure twice in a day

3. Application of lemon juice

Lemon juice contains natural skin healing elements. Its application has proven to be one of the best remedies when it comes to skin matters. Lemon juice helps in keeping the skin healthy and maintaining its tone all through. It can as well facilitate removal of dark spots by simply applying it.

  • Wash the affected leg and dry it
  • Squeeze lemon juice into a cup
  • Apply lemon juice on the dark spots.
  • Let it get absorbed into the skin for about fifteen minutes
  • Rinse the legs with partly warm water
  • Repeat the procedure daily until the spots disappear

4. Application of olive oil

Olive oil is an essential oil that contains excellent skin care elements. Its application can help in removal of dark spots due to sunlight exposure. You can simply apply virgin olive oil to the dark scars. You can as well do the application twice in a day and after few weeks, you should be able to see some changes on the on the skin

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most commonly known natural healers. It has been used for various skin ailments. It has proved to be a natural spot remover. You may simply apply the Aloe Vera juice on the red spots, let it stay for a while and then wash it off with mild water.

6. Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is an excellent treatment that can help to remove dark spots on legs instantly to give you a bright glowing skin.

How to use:

  • Mix one teaspoon of white sugar with 1 teaspoon of milk
  • Apply the mixture to the affected parts of your skin that have dark spots
  • Scrub it gently in a circular motion for few minutes
  • Rise your skin with warm water
  • This remedy gives instant bright glowing skin

How to Remove Dark Spots on Legs from Shaving

After shaving, dark spots may form on legs. This may come due to a number of reasons. They include accumulation of dead skin cells, scratching due to irritation, and subsurface hair.

The razor bumps and dark spots may appear immediately after shaving and can be eliminated naturally through home remedies. Here are ways on how to remove dark spots on legs from shaving.

  1. Do a skin exfoliation regularly

After shaving, accumulation of dead skin cells may result in dark scars. To prevent the buildup dead cells, you can opt for regular exfoliation. You can use a body scrub to help in removal of the dead cells and thus eliminate dark spots.

  1. Use a different way of shaving

If the current shaving procedure is getting you dark spots, then it would be better if you change the hair removal procedure. You can give a trial to waxing. Waxing gets hair removed right from its root and thus there will be little or no subsurface hair.

  1. Prepare your skin for the activity of shaving well.

This can be done by softening the hairs prior shaving. You can do it by placing a soft towel on warm water and passing it over the hairs to be shaved.

  1. Wash your legs after shaving

In order to avoid dark spots after shaving, you can moisturize the shaven part. A moistened skin can conceal the shaving.it facilitates faster healing of the skin after hair removal.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Legs Naturally Within a Week

Can be gotten rid by laser treatment, skin or acid sanding, freezing.

1. Application of buttermilk

Buttermilk is a product that got bleaching properties. Therefore its application can play a big role in removing dark spots quickly. You may apply it on your skin twice every day and in a week; you will see a change in your skin.

  • Have buttermilk in a cup
  • Dip clean cotton wool in the butter
  • Using the soaked cotton, rub the dark spots for a while until it gets absorbed

2. Apple cider vinegar

Use of apple cider vinegar is another way of eliminating dark spots on your skin quickly. It contains strong skin lightening properties. It aids in faster fading out of the spots in a short period. Here is a procedure on how you can use it for effective results.

  • Get water of equal amount as undiluted acid cider vinegar
  • Mix the two liquids
  • Apply the solution on the affected parts
  • Leave it to stay on the skin for some minutes
  • Wash the applied areas with cold water.
  • Repeat the procedure twice daily until the spots become invisible

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is commonly known to facilitate healing on the disturbed skin. It contains strong antiseptic properties. You may use it in its natural form or as a gel. You can simply extract the aloe Vera juice and apply it on the dark spots. Doing this twice in a day will give you positive results in a week or two

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a natural product that can quickly remove dark scars. It contains antiseptic properties. Again, it has strong anti-aging elements. Its use on the skin facilitates faster removal of dark spots. Here is the procedure on how to use;

  • Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice along with two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and glycerin.
  • Apply the mixture to your dark sports.
  • Allow the mixture to dry on applied place naturally.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • Apply at least three times a week.


  • Mix two tablespoon of sandalwood powder with one tablespoon lemon juice.
  • Add one tablespoon of orange juice along two capsules of vitamin E content.
  • Use the mixture as in above procedure.

How to Remove Dark Spots between Legs

Dark sports between legs usually appear on lower and upper legs. On the upper parts of the legs, they typically show up on the inner thighs. You can get rid of dark spots between your legs using the following treatment methods.

1. Lemon juice

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent for lightening skin due to its acidic property. Regular applications at the areas with spots can remove them naturally. To apply this, dip a cotton ball into lemon juice and rub your sports two to three days a week.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has an antioxidant property which nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. It restores the skin color by lightening up the dark areas. Its application is simple; the Aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf is massaged on the dark sports and left to dry for 20minutes. It is applied once in a day.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt contains zinc which helps in avoiding sunburn. This gives it bleaching property which can lighten the color of your skin. Using your hands, rub plain yogurt on the spots. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and then rinse with mild water. Apply this daily.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal makes the skin soft and also can exfoliate the skin.

Here is the procedure to use this pack;

  • Make a thick paste by mixing 2 teaspoons of Oatmeal with tomato juice.
  • Rub the paste on the dark sport between the legs and give I 20 minutes.
  • Wash it with mild water
  • Apply this 2 to 3 times a week.

5. Cucumbers

Cucumber helps in repairing the skin, remove dead cells and also have the quality of lightening the skin. Use cucumber juice or slices to rub on the thighs then wait for 15minutes and rinse it off with water. Do this twice every day.

6. Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent skin exfoliator that can help to remove dark spots on your legs and arms. The reagent also has bleaching properties that can help to make the dark spots on skin fade way.

How to remove dark spots on legs with a baking soda is very simple. Simply mix one teaspoon of baking soda with few drops of water and apply the paste to the affected area twice in a day for few weeks. Repeat this treatment until the dark spot clear away.

7. Laser treatment

This method also called laser lightening can be used to get rid of the spots on between legs and any other part of the body. In laser treatment, a beam of light is directed to the affected area to remove the dead skin cells. This procedure is safer and quicker.

8. Lightening Creams

Different creams are available which can help you lighten the dark spots between your legs. However, due to different side effects from different products, consulting professional skin practitioner is very important. Any signs of side effects should also be reported immediately they start to show up.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Legs Overnight

Home remedies may not remove dark spots on your legs instantly or overnight. You can use other effective skin treatment methods to remove dark spots on legs quickly. Visit your dermatologist to help you on how to remove dark spots on legs instantly.

The common methods that you can use to remove dark spots on your legs instantly or overnight include:

1.  Laser skin lightening method

Laser skin whitening treatment can help to remove dark spots on your legs within an hour. The treatment is usually done by a dermatologist specialized to resurface the skin. There are several types of laser treatment that your doctor might use. They include:

  • Ablative laser treatment involves the peeling of the top layer of your skin that has dark spots to allow new skin layer to develop.
  • Non-ablative laser treatment method only helps to regulate monocytes to make the desired amount of melanin.
  • Dermabrasion is a procedure that uses special tools or equipment to remove the top layer of your skin that has dark spots.
  • Microdermabrasion is laser procedure that uses tiny rough crystals to exfoliate the top surface of your skin.

2. Chemical Peeling

Chemical peels are a cosmetic procedure that uses chemicals that are formulated with acids to remove the top layer of the skin. These methods can be used to remove chronic dark spots on your skin.

It is advisable to visit your dermatologist to help you on how to remove dark spots on legs and arms with the use of the chemical method. The dermatologist may prescribe for the suitable skin whitening creams that you can use to remove dark spots on your skin.

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