What does Toner do to your Hair: Purple Shampoo, Violet Hair Dye

What is hair toner? After bleaching your hair, it may appear brassy yellow with orange tones. This is something you may not enjoy walking around with. Something has to be added to your hair make it look neutral other than processed.

Toner is a product used on hair that has been bleached to cancel out the brassiness, yellow or orange tones. It is commonly used on blonde hair although also on brunettes and red hair too. Toner should be applied professionally for you to get natural tones in your hair. If not correctly done, don’t be surprised to end up with undesirable hair colors.

Other than toner, purple hair dye or purple shampoo can be used to tone down your pre-lightened hair. Bleaching or lightening lift natural or colored hair color to a lightness level that you desire. In most cases blonde is the desired level.

Toners have violet, blue and green tints that neutralized the yellow, orange and red tones your hair get after bleaching. Violet based toners are suitable for cancelling yellow tones. Orange tones on the other hand are neutralized by blue. If you have red tones that you don’t like, then green based toner is something worth going for.

What does toner do for hair?

Toner is mainly used on a bleached hair and is good when applied professionally for desired outcome. The hair colorist is the right person to determine which shade of toner is best for your hair. A professional will also know the level of developer to use.

A developer contains hydrogen peroxide that help in opening up cuticle of the hair to allow the color to stay put. Toners do not lift hair color. Levels describe the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the developer. When the developer volume is higher it means more lifting.

Just like bleaching, toning can also damage your hair, the reason you should always let it be done by a colorist. Drying and even frying out are common damages you can expect. It is very important to also read the instructions on how to use before trying anything on your hair.

Hair stylist may also mix different colors to come up with something suitable for your hair. Some people have also used toners to achieve pink and lilac shades. The hair is not rinsed immediately after the application of toner for perfect outcome.

Can you use purple shampoo as a toner?

Blonde hair, gray hair or your highlights can look yellow or brassy over time. This can make your hair dull and unattractive especially if you are unable to visit a salon.  Purple hair dye is a simple fix you can go for.

You can tone your hair at home by use of purple shampoo. Toning your hair is a simple color concept if you have some knowledge on color wheel. Purple shampoo is used since purple color is opposite with yellow color on the wheel. Therefore, purple shampoo is ideal when you want to cancel the yellow tones in your hair.

If you have decided to use shampoo, it is good to go for the one which is gentle on skin or scalp. When you wash your hair, the cuticle takes in small amounts of the purple color to neutralize the yellow undertones.

Can you use purple hair dye as a toner?

Just like purple shampoo, purple hair dye can also be used to cancel the yellow undertones of your blonde hair or brunette. Blue shampoo or hair dye may also be suitable for hair that is too arrange. I would recommend a hair stylist to do it.

You are required to use only tiny amount of the purple dye. Mix it with a white conditioner so that you can get good results. Do not keep it too long. Let it stay for only 15 to 30 minutes. If you use larger amount or let it stay for long, your hair will be dyes purple.

How to use toner for hair

Toner is not used just any time you feel like. There are cases when you can apply it and they include the following:

  1. The hair should have changed to the right shade for you to use toner. This will see you achieving the desired color.
  2. After you have bleached your hair. Toning does well on bleached hair to remove the brassiness and also even out colors.
  3. Toner can be used when you dye your hair and you realize that you have not achieved your desired color. It is a way of removing some pigments that don’t appear natural.
  4. Blonde hair and brunettes are suitable for toner. Toner doesn’t have any effect on black hair.
  5. When you desire to change the shade of your blonde hair, toner can help you get something cooler such as pink, purple or blue.
  6. You might want to even out your highlights so that they can smoothly blend with your hair.
  7. People also enhance hair colors using a toner instead of changing it. This can make blondes or brunettes look bright and more appealing.
  8. Toner is best applied at salon especially if you are using it for the first time. If you do it at home yet you have no experience, it can go bad.

How long do you leave toner on your hair?

The amount time the toner stays in your hair depends on how often you wash. The color may stay longer of you do less washes. Washing with professional shampoo and conditioner can greatly make your color last longer.

There a number of things that can make your toner not to last, they include the following; hard water, too much sun exposure, chlorine water and other pool chemicals, air pollution and natural fading.

To make your toner stay longer:

  • Use professional hair care products
  • Spend less time in sun or wear a hut especially during summer to protect your hair.
  • Always protect your hair during heat treatments.
  • Condition your hair to restore the moisture lost during color treatment.

What are the best hair toners for your hair

There are various brands of toner you can use on your hair. Example of the best toners include the following:

  • Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Care
  • Wella Color Charm White Lady
  • Blond Brilliance Perfect Blond Toner
  • La Riche Directions White Toner Semi-Permanent
  • Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner
  • Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Toner
  • Manic Panic Hair Toner
  • Second Nature No Lift Hair Color
  • Clairol Born Blonde Toner Hair Colorant
  • Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher

Bleach and toners may damage your hair. Always remember to use good hair moisturizers or conditions to protect your hair.


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