Milia on Lip Causes: and White Bumps, Treatment and More

Milia is a type of white bumps that typically occurs on the skin of the face as white pimples or dot. They commonly appear on lips, cheeks, eyelids, nose, and chin. Milium bumps are usually small hard raised bump that can appear on your lip.

Milia on lip on your skin can occur when the dead skin cells are entrapped on the surface of the skin to form raised bump. These bumps are totally painless and harmless to you but it can really disappoint you by making your lips appear less attractive.

This type of white bump on the lip is common in babies or infants. The babyface can develop white dots on lip, cheek, cheek, nose, around eyes and on other parts of the body that appear like a pimple. The condition of milia on the baby skin is sometimes inaccurately called baby acne.

As an adult or a teen, you can also develop milia spots on your face typically on your lips, cheeks, eyelids or any other parts of your face. Milia on your lips can appear like whiteheads or white pimples or acne to the affected area.

What Causes Milia on lip

Generally, your skin can develop milia cysts when the dead skin cell or keratin is trapped beneath the surface of the skin. There are various causes that can lead to your skin to trap dead skin cells that develop into milia spots. These causes include:

  1. Sun damage

Exposure of your skin to harmful UV rays from the sun can lead to damage to the skin that may stimulate the development of milia spots. The sunburns on your lips can lead to abnormal skin growth that might trap keratin beneath the skin surface leading to milia cysts.

  1. Thermal and chemical burns

Chemical and thermal burns on your lips might denature the skin cell. This can lead to the growth of milia spots. Eating or drinking too hot food is a risk factor that can lead to thermal burns to your lips that can lead to the development of milia spots.

  1. Skin infections

Your lip can develop white bumps of milia after skin infection. The skin disease can interfere with normal growth of the skin cells that might encourage the development of milia. The common skin conditions that might trigger milia formation include cold sore, eczema psoriasis, rosacea, hives, ringworms and others.

  1. Skin injuries

Physical injuries on your lips such as cuts, blistering, and sores can result in the development of white bumps of milia on lip surface. Skin injuries can make the skin to deform into white bumps on your lips.

  1. Skin resurfacing procedure

Your lips can develop white bumps of milia spots few weeks after the procedure of skin resurfacing. Laser resurfacing that include Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion can lead to skin trauma that might lead to abnormal growth of cell leading to milia.

  1. Side effect of certain steroid creams

Long-term use of certain steroid creams can lead to abnormal development of skin cells hence milia cyst appears.

  1. Allergic reaction

Milia on lips cam appear as a consequence of an allergic reaction. Poison ivy and detergent are some of the substance that can result in an allergic reaction on your lip. This can lead to the development of white cyst of milia on your lips.

Other Causes of White Bumps on Lip

Apart from milia on lip, there are other causes that can lead to white bumps on your lips. These causes include the following:

  1. Cold sore on the lips

These sores are caused by an infection of herpes simplex virus type 1.  This infection is usually associated with painful fluid-filled blisters that burst, weep out, and crust over into white bumps on the affected area to the skin.

  1. Fordyce spots on the lip

These are white or yellow soft bumps that might appear on your lips. Fordyce granules are caused by clogged sebaceous glands that lead to the accumulation of sebum that forms raised spots or bumps to the affected area of your lips.

Fordyce spots on your lips are usually harmless and painless to you but the can make your lips to appear worrisome.

  1. Acne on the lip surface

Facial acne can also appear on your lips as white bumps, pimples or dots.  Whiteheads are types of acne that are characterized by a white color. These bumps can occur on groove or vermilion zone of your lips.

  1. STD infections

The infection of sexually transmitted infection is a major and a serious cause that can result in white spots on lip. Genital herpes, HPV, and HIV are common STD that can lead to oral sores that can spread to your lips as white spots.

  1. Oral cancer

Cancer of the lip is a chronic condition that can result in the development of white bumps on the lips. Cancer is a life-threating condition that needs you to seek the help of your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

White Pimple on Lip not Milia

A white pimple on lip can appear on either lower or upper lip. Occasionally, white pimples can occur on both lower and upper lip. A white pimple on lip can develop typically on the vermilion zone and on lip line.

White pimples on lip are usually milia spots. However, other causes such as acne, Fordyce granules, sunspots, cold sore, STD infection, sun blister, cancer, and other skin infections can also lead to white pimples on your lips.

Reasons for White Dot on Lips When Stretched

What is this white dot on lip when stretched? If the is your question that that comes to your mind when you notice a white spot or dot on lip surface, then this is the appropriate section of the post that will explain to you about this condition.

You should understand that your lips are made of special elastic muscles that are flexible and the can stretch to allow wide opening of your mouth or even smiling. These means that when your lips have a tiny dot, they can be visible until you stretch your lips in order to see it.

Usually, a tiny dot on your lip is usually located in between the tiny skin folds of your lips. These white spots are only more visible when you stretch your lip.

A Scar is a common cause of white dot on lip when stretched. The skin of your lip can develop white scar from a cold sore, yeast infection, milia, acne, sunspots, or any other skin infection.

Mila in Adults Meaning

Milia on the skin are common conditions that often occur in newborns. Adults can also develop milia on the lip, cheek, eyelids, nose or any other parts of the face. Milia in adult can appear as white spots on lip or white bump on the lip.

Unlike in newborns that develop milia due to the rapid growth of normal skin cells, milia in adults are caused by various skin conditions such as infection, burns, allergic reaction, injuries, thermal burns, chemical burns, and sunburns.

Can you get Milia On Cheeks?

Similar to milia on lip, it can also appear on your cheek. The condition of having milia on cheeks can really confuse you with another type of white bumps on your face. Milia on cheek can appear like whiteheads.

Your cheek can develop milia cysts due various skin conditions that includes sun damage, thermal burns, chemical burns, allergic reaction, side effect of using certain medication, skin resurfacing procedure, skin infections

What does Milia Extraction involve?

There are various methods that you can use to remove milia on lip. You can seek the help of the dermatologist who can extract the milia from your skin using a suitable treatment method such as surgical incision.

Alternatively, you can extract milia on your skin using a simple lancing method that includes the following procedure:

  • Get a sharp sterilized needle
  • Clean your hand and the affected skin area with a disinfectant
  • Prick and squeeze out the small bump of milia
  • After the bump is removed, disinfect the area
  • Maintain the area clean until your skin heal

Other treatments

  • Chemical peels: you can use chemical peels by applying prescribed skin peeling cream to the affected area that can help to remove milia from your lips.
  • Application of retinoid: you can use retinoid creams that can help to remove milia. You should not use the retinoid cream on your eyelids because it can damage your eyes.

Home remedies of Milia on your lip

You can use various home remedies that can help to remove milia from your lips and other parts of your face. They include:

  • Washing your face with the diluted solution of Apple cider vinegar
  • Using lemon juice to wash the affected area that can help to exfoliate the skin and remove milia
  • Exfoliating your face with sugar scrub, gram flour or baking soda
  • Soaking you face with wet towel and clean it thoroughly

How to prevent milia on lip

You can help to prevent milia on your lip and white spots using the following tips that include:

  • Exfoliating your skin regularly
  • Clean your skin property and thoroughly and pat dry it
  • Avoid the use of steroid creams
  • Ensure you avoid direct exposure to sun
  • Protect your skin against chemical and thermal burns
  • Always treat any skin disease that can stimulate milia.


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